Manufacturer of consumer electronics

Description of the situation 

  • Client is a member of the subcontracting chain of global consumer electronics manufacturers.
  • Company acquired a number of new projects which means high increase of volumes for production
  • Due to the significant increase in production it was necessary to deliver large number of workers in the record time.

Initial state 

  • Problems with the filling of the production plan and productivity of client.
  • Massive fluctuations caused by very competitive employers in the region.
  • Ineffective management of agency workers.
  • Setup of skills management and training curve of supplied workers

Description of the solution 

  • Extension of the staff structure from local to other regions.
  • Significant reduction of the training process by creating a training centre in the workplace.
  • Introduction of new test methods of the employee specifically tailored up to clients requirements with the result of improving the training process which become more effective.
  • Setup of specialised ​​recruitment team for this client that brought up more suitable people to the client and it has resulted in the error reduction and production becoming more effective.
  • Flow of more loyal people from other regions has substantially reduced the fluctuation.
  • Increase employee stability by reducing the number of workers who were working on the agreement.
  • Delivery candidates for lower manufacturing management positions such as supervisor, inspector of quality and technologist.
  • The introduction of evaluation meetings, reporting and setting up the terms of control.
  • Coordinator who is responsible for constant oversee of the smooth running of the project.
  • Improving internal communication between employees and departments by creating an organizational structure.


  • Quick supply of new employees to new production segments.
  • The stabilization and reduction of the fluctuation.
  • Increase of productivity
  • Reduction of errors.
  • Improved ability to meet production deadlines. 

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Manufacturer of consumer electronics

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