• Are you experiencing the opening of a new plant or production hall? Are you facing up an increase in orders and the need of the production extension? Or you are unable to fill specific positions in your region? Temporary placement is the most ideal solution for you in all these cases. In the case of using Express People, moreover, higher quality people will be delivered faster.
  • It's simple, fast and efficient way of obtaining employees in the case of a sudden increase in needs of workers or unexpected production volumes increase and either in case of difficulties in finding the wright candidates.
  • Temporary placement has lots of advantages, apart of a high flexibility predominantly significant time savings and human resources on the client side. The entire recruitment process, including payroll and legal requirements is solved by an experienced team of Express People.
  • We sort out the whole advertising process same as direct selection in our databases, interviews of suitable candidates with the required skills testing in our Skills Centre and Assessment Centre. Standard part of the interviews is personality test taken under the supervision of a work psychologist.
  • Selection of the suitable candidate doesn’t mean the end of our services. As the supplied workers are our employees, we also provide complete back office agenda.
  • Our team of production coordinators are responsible for surveillance of the smooth process of filling positions same as organizational support for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are though able to immediately respond to the orders for staff increase or deliver suitable employee to a new position.
  • If you need a really fast recruitment, quality people and guarantee of the smooth operation, we will be delighted to provide our express services to you.

Are you interested in Temporary placement services?

Please contact us for more details and initial consultation will be provided for free.

Local  (local recruitment)

  • Provision of Express People personnel for the selected region of the client
  • We carry out complete personnel and payroll agendas.
  • We undertake legislative risks that short-term employment usually brings.
  • We also undertake risks associated with fluctuations and we guarantee supply of the pre-agreed number of people for your production.
  • Besides of delivering quality employees, we take care of their induction training, medical check-ups and supply them with safety equipment they might need for work, so they can be immediately involved in the production process.
  • We have standby list ready for each position so we can immediately react to an unexpected increase of the staff.

Delivered  (supra-regional recruitment)

  • When filling these positions often you come across with competition and it is necessary to look around and beyond the region.
  • Express People uses extensive recruiting coverage and ensure that sufficient staff will be supplied same as with local recruitment.
  • Part of these projects is complete supply of transport (from candidates home region to the client region same as transport to work on the daily basis) and accommodation.
  • Our experienced team of coordinators responsible for the traveling and accommodation continuously provides employees with a comprehensive service directly in the workplace.

Are you interested in Temporary placement services?

Please contact us for more details and initial consultation will be provided for free.

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Interview from both sides

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