• Our professionals specialising in industrial recruitment are ready to fill any vacancies for your production.
  • Part of Permanent placement is to carefully choose people who become the employees for manufacturing plant
  • Many years of experience, extensive database of employees in the industry and proven system of recruitment throughout Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries allow us to fulfil even the most challenging assignment.
  • Literally within minutes of launching we run the recruitment campaigns for vacant positions
  • Our recruiters seek out and contact suitable candidates from our databases. The next step is to run specifically tailored candidate interview for the position. It consists of the test of manual and technical skills, and also involved an important psychological test.
  • After the final assessment of results we select the required number of suitable candidates
  • In addition to high quality and rapid selection, this cooperation brings significant time and cost savings for your human resources department

Are you interested in Permanent placement services?

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Mass staffing  (High-volume recruitment)

  • Fast and effective recruitment of tens to hundreds of candidates mostly for low-skilled positions for each part of industrial sector
  • Expansion of production capacity of tens or hundreds new jobs requires agency to run fast and perfectly aligned recruitment of large number of workers.
  • Key factors for this type of recruitment are: experience from similar projects, extensive candidate´s database and the ability to reach a sufficient number of candidates from different regions to verify required technical and psychological skills on the personal interview.
  • We can guarantee the quality of the workers supply thanks to modern psychometric tests that measure manual skills according to the latest trends in business psychology.

Experts / Qualified  (Specialists / qualified staff)

  • Do you need to fill a key position for your specialized manufacturing process?
  • When filling these positions you often face up the competition on the market and usually it is necessary to look around and search beyond the region
  • This situation is very familiar to us and we have solved this situation successfully for our clients for uncountable times.
  • Why should you choose just us to deal with this difficult situation? We have a dedicated database of specialist’s candidates with necessary qualifications and we also have an extensive network of branches that can reach required candidates to book them for a face to face interview in record time.
  • Even in this case, we put an important emphasis on detailed test of candidates using psychometric testing.

Low & Middle Management  (Lower and middle production management)

  • The higher is the employee in the company's hierarchy, the more difficult are the criteria for the selection.
  • Whole process of recruitment for this type of role is run by our recruitment specialist for middle and senior management.
  • Interviews usually consist of few stages also using series of special tests that reliably show us the real value of the level of managerial, technical and psychological qualities of candidates. 

Are you interested in Permanent placement services?

Please contact us for more details and free initial consultation will be provided

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Interview from both sides


Interview from both sides

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