• High quality and fast recruitment is only part of the picture of a well-functioning company. For more than 15 years of cooperation with clients from different sectors of industry we have been still innovating practices and complementary portfolio of HR services to increase the efficiency of the recruitment and the production process itself.
  • In practice it means that each of solutions we provide you with is always tailored up to your company requirements.
  • Our work starts with an analysis identifying key details of each position in terms of production. Our external objective view assesses the current situation and then let us to propose concrete steps for the recruitment and for the improvement of overall production performance.
  • Please do not expect from us any theory and feasible ideas. In analyses and Hr strategies we always put main emphasis on the speed of implementation, simplicity and proven track of solutions. We help to solve the problem consisting of sub-sections of the production, but also provide you with comprehensive HR solutions and recruitment strategies.

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Try & Hire  

  • In case you are not sure if standard probation will be long enough for you to decide whether you want to take candidate for a permanent then you can use the Try & Hire.
  • During the agreed period you are using the agency employee with the option to take him/her permanent once you decide.
  • You have enough time to test employee prior to inclusion on a more challenging position or defer a decision on their acceptance, depending on the development of your production plans.
  • The real advantage of Try & Hire is flexibility. You can modify the number of employees anytime or eventually you can ask for a replacement anytime. This gives you and your HR strategy a new tool for managing the volumes and you can choose permanent employees based on their performance.
  • You can use Try & Hire without any risk and prior investments for one or more positions.

Assessment Centre  

  • To fill some positions it is needed to run detailed assessment of technical skills and personal attributes.
  • The interview reveals something and tells you something about the candidates, but you cannot verify it, for example, how candidate behaves in various model situations such as stress, excessive workloads and how he reacts and works in a team.
  • During the Assessment Centre we are testing a group of candidates simultaneously. The whole process is designed up the requirements of your production; outcome is the detailed report about each candidate who participates in the Assessment centre.
  • This valuable information gives you an output from the Assessment Centre. More effort and time devoted to this type of assessment will return to you in the form of new staff of higher quality and better efficiency.
  • We can do Assessment centres for all types of skilled and unskilled positions.

Skills Centre 

  • Many positions require candidates with manual dexterity, ability to follow work instructions for a particular product model, control of production facilities or other special skills.
  • Skills centre will allow us to reliably test these skills and deliver you the quality of staff that will quickly be inducted and trained for this position.
  • Take an advantage of our large portfolio of skills tests; Express People have norms of standard to assess the suitability of each candidate.
  • Each Skills centre is designed individually according to the results of the vacancy analysis made by Express People.
  • Even with Skills centres, effort and time devoted to preparing them is paid back to the client in terms of quality and competent staff.
  • Centres may be organized at Express People branches or directly on the premises of the client.

Production support  

  • Does your company need staff for integrated part of production or just to support any activity of the production?
  • We can supply and manage compact teams such as for sorting and selection of products, quality control, transporting and repairing, packaging and preparation for outbound, storage and material handling.
  • We always supply experienced managing individuals carefully selected for these projects as Express  People provides comprehensive care of whole process.
  • Contact us to obtain detailed references and proposals to ensure to get such forms of production support.
  • We are ready to help even in unexpected situations such as a sudden increase in volumes or changes in production requirements or the impact of various external factors.

Are you interested in HR Solutions?

Please contact us for more details and initial consultation will be provided for free

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Interview from both sides

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