Interview from both sides

Potential candidates should primarily prepare the most interesting biography, which should be supported by the previous references.

It is best for candidate to prepare CV in Slovak and foreign language. CV should be full of facts, bright, clear and concise. The consultant has to ask the candidate the most appropriate questions to obtain all necessary additional information. Initial contact is the most important. If candidate does not have time when you want to carry telephone screening, it is best to set up date suitable for both, candidate and recruitment consultant, so candidate will be prepared undisturbed by any outside influences. 

It is important to motivate candidate with the job offer from the first moment. In the next step, it is essential to arrange a personal interview, also ensure few times that candidate will definitely attend the interview. Email and telephone confirmation is appropriate in this case.

The most important task for the consultant on the interview is to create a friendly relaxed atmosphere to get rid of candidate initial stress. The candidate should come nice and smart, should have an overview of the company and the job offer which he/she is interested in. Also important are details. Certainly should avoid chewing gum in your mouth, the smell of cigarettes, try to not to avoid eye contact, etc. Of course this also applies to the other side of the interviewee, the one who conducts the interview. It is important to ask relevant questions, try to find out all information that our client might require. On the contrary, it reveals much about the candidate when he/she is asking a lot. This appears as a genuine interest in a particular job.

Consultant should lead an interview as effectively as possible and in a dynamic way. It is important to make an impression on the candidate that consultant treats each candidate in the specific way and is not only saying learned phrases. Sometimes it is necessary to explain the things in very simple way. Interactions, exchange of the opinions, information are essential for the quality interview.

After the successful fulfilment of the vacancy it is important that recruitment consultant stays in touch with potential candidate, respectively future employee of our client. So the consultant knows exactly all the "pros and cons" that the candidate experiences in his new job. Based on the survey we can improve our services. When recruitment consultant builds the database of potential candidates, it is necessary that candidates who do not meet the requirements of the client will get the feedback, for example just e-mail response. On the other hand, even if it does not meet the specific requirements of the client for the certain vacancy, it is also reasonable to make the initial telephone interview to get full information, profile, and in the case of other orders candidates can be used. And consultant is prepared in advance. It works efficiently, saves your time and it can also be used for other projects.

There is no correct structure of the interview, I would say. We can stick to the basic structure of the interview, but each interview is nevertheless authentic, different and unique. Higher class of interview occurs when the consultant knows all details about the vacancy and can answer all candidates’ enquiries. If a situation arises and consultant cannot answer the candidate’s questions, one should never use the wording "do not know". Rather, it is necessary to use the words "certainly I'll find out and I will inform you additionally." It is also important to have assertive communication, asking positive questions, ie.: "You should not be interested in this job?" = Wrongly formulated question. "Are you interested in the job?" = Correctly formulated question.

Each of us learns from day to day. After all, it says, it's hard on the training field but easy in the battle after...


Author: Lenka Košibová

HR Specialist

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Interview from both sides


Interview from both sides

What is important during the interview from candidate and recruitment consultant? Potential candidates should primarily do...

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